Kladika was founded in June 2016 by Muthoni Mwangi, immediately after finishing Bsc. Computer Science from University of Nairobi.Our founder discovered she would take screenshots of dresses, make-up, shoes and everything fashion related on Instagram and didn’t know how to get these products, all she hoped for a convenient and affordable way to access them.

Hence she embarked on a journey to create an Internet Fashion Retailing company, giving our local fashion retailers and designers a chance to use the platform to sell their products for free.

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Our Goals, Vision & Mission

Our Goals include:-

  1. Support local fashion designers & retailers by giving them a platform to sell their products for free with the hope to reduce the high cost of renting out space.
  2. Dealing with the highly fragmentation in fashion retail  by creating an aggregated platform for everything fashion related that one can shop from over 1000 different retailers at the same time.
  3. Make online shopping as convenient and trustworthy as possible so that our customers can have a good experience.

Our Vision is to be an African Company with a  global presence that aims to solve both social and fashion related problems . Our Mission is to use technology to create an aggregated space that makes fashion relatable and to provide the best experience to our customers.

Kladika brings together top notch players in the fashion industry, with the vision of bectoming your one-stop shop for all things fashion and beauty. We’ll have you looking fabulous whether it’s at the office, at a party, formal event or if you just want to look funky and fresh on any given day.


We are looking forward to partner with as many fashion retailers as possible. we have been able to increase sales for our merchants and reduce their hassle as merchants give us photos of products and we deal with everything in between till the products have been sold; that includes marketing, communicating with the customers and delivering the products. All is required of the merchant is give a detailed info about the product. Please Contact us to sell on Kladika

What Our Customer Think


  • The website is very user friendly within a click of a button I was able to place an order.
    Esther Cimba.
  • Am a returning customer as the prices are affordable and the customer service is efficient.
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  • I ordered a suit from Kladika, they took my measurements the following day and within a week they delivered my suit in Ruiru. I will now order suits regularly from them as I don't have to leave my office to look for one, i can get them online.
    Eugene Muyonga
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  • What I appreciated most about Kladika is the fact that they are truthworthy, you order online and get the exact item the following day.
    Lilyan Lumbasi
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    At Kladika we believe in making our clients look their best at an affordable price and with less hassle.

    We are a platform where you can rent and buy clothes at a more than pocket-friendly cost.



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