Men And Accessories.

Women have been able to dominate the fashion industry for the longest time I know, men have finally decided to wake up and dive into designer suits, classy accessories and invest in glamorous watches that have made us conclude on one’s social status. I got a chance to interview the one and only, Finer man who is a Kenyan male stylist. He shared some guidelines on how the gentlemen should stay suited and booted in accessories.
We all know that a suit definitely makes a man and it’s a MUST in his wardrobe. I have seen men dressed in suits and yes they do look good but it needs to be energized. It does not hurt to spruce your suit with some accessories to add some level of style. By accessories I mean stuff like pocket squares, neckties, tie clips, lapel pins, cufflinks and watches. All these add color and makes your suit to be unique than a normal plain one. I am sure some of those terms are not familiar with you. The pocket square is a small handkerchief worn at the breast of the coat; a necktie is simply a tie which is long piece of cloth worn at the neck; A tie clip holds the tie in the right position; A lapel pin is a small decorative pin worn on the lapel of a jacket; Cufflinks are decorative accessories which are used in button holes.
Anytime when wearing a suit with broad lapels make sure the lapel pin is accurate and complimentary to its radius. To add some fun in your suit, top it up with a pocket square of your choice though it has several functions. A pocket square adds an official or casual taste .i.e. a pocket square that has been designed in kisses and love hearts cannot be worn in an official forum it will communicate wrong messages even if your girlfriend told you it’s cute. There are different types and the prints should guide you who can be worn in the office or a weekend.
When choosing a tie, look at the lapels of the coat for you to make the right decision on what will be hanging on your neck. For the bling lovers, add a tie clip after the second button of the shirt. If you own a slim tie, use a small tie clip. The same applies to a big one.
So I have always been fascinated about men and watches. I find watches very powerful and it’s said to dictate one’s social status ever since invented. Some go all the way to invest in huge brand names; the likes of Rolex, Breitling just to mention a few. Every morning as you are wearing a watch, make sure the shirt cuffs arise above the shirt. This is for it to be seen, I mean what lady doesn’t want to see some giant designer bling on your wrist?
I hope you have learnt something new. If your man wears a normal suit Monday to Friday, it’s time to change that!

Mar 16, 2017
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