Kladika Vendor Bible

Vendor Bible

  • Registration and Setup

      1. Vendors are required to register through the online platform

      2. They are required to set up their online stores by:-

        1. Add a brand name

        2. Add Feature photo

        3. Add general category that as a vendor you deal with (i.e Menswear, Ladieswear, Kidswear, Footwear or jewellery)

      3. Connect to your social media accounts.

      4. Vendors are responsible for their own stores.

      5. Vendors understand that they will be charged both a monthly listing fee(as long as the product is listed in the platform) and a commission fee of 15% of the quoted amount per item when an order has been made.

  • Selling via Kladika

      1. Vendors are required to list their products on their individual stores by:-

        1. Adding the products,

        2. Adding Product Description that include:-

          1. Product name,

          2. Product sub category,

          3. Photo,

          4. Size & color available per every item

      2. Vendors need to synchronize their online stores with their inventory system so as to ensure they don’t sell something that’s out of stock.

  • Photo Rules include:-

    1. A clear photo that focuses on the product with a clear background, a white studio background is preferred.

    2. The apparel,footwear, accessories MUST be worn by a model as dummy photos or internet downloaded photos won’t be accepted.

    3. The photos have to be taken in a good lighting environment but not too bright to overwhelm the natural color of the product.

  • Marketing.

  • Both Kladika and the vendor’s have a joint responsibility to market the vendor’s product, vendor’s are responsible for the following:-

  • Customer Discovery:- It’s the vendor’s  responsibility to market their own products through whichever method that works for them, esp social media.

  • Customer Journey:-  vendors will be required to follow up the customer journey from marketing to actual purchase of the product which will include:-

          1. Answer all customers questions regarding the product,

          2. Help the customer to navigate the site such as how to add to cart and how to checkout.

  • Remarketing:- Both Kladika and the vendors will be required to remarket to their existing customers  whether via texts or whatsapp. This is essential because it’s easier to market to a returning customer than a new one.

(If the vendor doesn’t put in the effort to market and remarket their products, their stores will be suspended after 3 months)

  • Process Order.

      1. The Kladika will be responsible for processing the customers order by:-

        1. Confirming to the customer the availability of the product.

        2. Inquire the customer delivery details such as the time of delivery, location of delivery and preferred chanel(in-person delivery or pickup)

        3. Organizing the delivery of the product to the customer should be done within 24hrs.

        4. Vendor’s will be required to signup a Vendor Order Confirmation Note, to ascertain that the product they released is the one the customer ordered (same as the one the on the picture, right color, size and material type) also to verify the product is in good condition( not torn and all zippers, if any are in good condition) This is to aide a seamless process and prevent the possibilities of returns as much as possible.

  •  Payment Process.

    1. Kladika will receive all payment from customers,

    2. We’ll then disburse the total amount a vendor makes weekly.

  •  Exchange Policy.

Vendors should accept exchanges within 3 days of when the order was delivered and be open to exchange in case the product  is torn, or the customer wants a change of color or wrong size.


A vendor will be suspended from selling at kladika if they’re found with the following penalties:-

  1. Failure to update Kladika team with product information, such that the item has been ordered and the merchant has already sold all the products.

  2. Selling a branded counterfeit product.

  3. Selling products that they actually don’t have.


In a situation where the vendor willingly wants to stop selling via Kladika should give a 30 day notice to the Kladika team.


Kladika reserves the right to admission, we choose who can and cannot use our platform.


    I agree to the vendor terms and conditions


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